Coalition Snapshot

The vision of the Coalition for a Healthy Community – Oxford Area is to build a healthier community together. The Leadership Team and multiple workgroups of the Coalition work to achieve this goal through taking action to raise awareness, develop strategies, support initiatives and influence polices that promote a healthier community for all. By utilizing multiple environmental strategies across multiple sectors of the community, the Coalition seeks to achieve the vision.


The Coalition for a Healthy Community – Oxford Area began in 1997 by identifying community issues, raising awareness and addressing concerns through community collaboration. The Coalition was fortunate to receive funding through the Federal Drug Free Communities Act from 2000-2010 to specifically address underage and high-risk drinking in the community. As a result of Coalition initiatives and partnerships, significant outcomes were achieved in both the K-12 and University settings.

Recently, the Coalition has identified specific workgroups to address the specific areas of substance abuse, mental health, and obesity prevention, as identified in multiple community needs assessments. Workgroups have been formed around these topics of interest and continue to report back to the Coalition’s Leadership Team.

The Coalition for a Healthy Community – Oxford Area is currently funded through a Community Coalition Grant from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Talawanda School District serves as the fiscal agent for the Coalition.